The Cabal

Memnon Part 1

Immediately upon arriving in Memnon, the party made several enemies by attacking the toll collectors that accosted them on the docks, massacring the thugs that had attempted to intimidate them. Thus they earned the enmity of some higher authority, because after journeying to the Slum of Rats to search for unholy water they were attacked by a group of mercenaries led by the sorcerer that had escaped them at the docks, and were nearly killed. Deciding not to make too much of the incident, they traveled to the Slum of Blades and spent a day fighting in the gladiatorial arenas there. They faced minotaurs, goblin worg-riders, lizardfolk, and a hydra to name a few, and came out relatively unscathed, except for one particularly unfortunate encounter. Caedis traveled to the Slum of Towers to get some items appraised and identified, and journeyed back on the morning of the second day. In the process he learned that some of their assailants in the Slum of Rats had been members of an elite mercenary group called the Bloodstone Brotherhood. They entered several more fights that morning, and are now perhaps ready to pursue some other activity during the single day they have left before the departure of the Reaver.

The Voyage to Memnon

The voyage to Memnon was relatively uneventful.

Ship: Reaver Captain: Baervar Blackhand Destination: Memnon Season: Early Fall Environs: Days 1-3: Coastal Waters Days 4-17: Well Traveled Waters Days 18-21: Open Ocean Days 22-27: Well Traveled Waters Days 28-31: Coastal Waters

Fair Weather

Days 1-3: Nothing

Day 4: Bhaleen Whale sighted

Day 5: Ramfish

Day 6: Dolphins sighted

Days 7-13: Nothing

Days 8-13: Moderate wind from the southeast

Day 14: Huge Shark sighted

Day 15: Nothing

Day 16: Sharks sighted

Days 17-18: Nothing

Day 19: Merfolk patrol sighted

Days 14-19: Warm weather with moderate wind from the southeast

Days 20-21: Nothing

Day 20: Fog

Days 21-23: Severe wind from the southeast

Day 22: Unusually Large Shark sighted

Day 23: Huge Sea Snake sighted

Day 24: Dire Barracuda

Day 25: Octupus sighted

Day 26: Stingray sighted

Days 27-31: Nothing

The Adventure So Far

The party began the adventure on their way to a meeting of the Cabal in Adhasim, and after performing several thefts and assassinations, and surviving a betrayal by the wererat Talyd Tennian, parted ways with the Cabal to search out Captain Redsea’s father joining the crew of the Reaver, the vessel belonging to Baervar Blackhand, an elf and former corsair. Their first voyage was to Vennir’s Arch, where they stopped for five days before once again boarding the ship, this time headed to Memnon.

Ship: Reaver Captain: Baervar Blackhand Destination: Vennir’s Arch Season: Early Fall Environs: Days 1-14: Well Traveled Waters Days 15-35: Open Ocean Days 36-42: Well Traveled Waters Days 42-49: Coastal Waters

Fair Weather

Day 1: Nothing

Day 2: Dolphins sighted

Day 3: Dolphins sighted

Day 5: Nothing

Day 6: Hammerclaw

Days 7-10: Nothing

Day 11: Scrag

Day 12: Nothing

Day 13: Four indistinct shapes sighted

Day 14: Porpoises sighted

Days 15-26: Nothing

Day 19: Severe wind from the southwest

Day 23: Strong wind from the southeast

Day 27: Four aquatic humanoids sighted

Days 28-30: Nothing

Day 31: Sharks sighted

Day 31: Stop at Evrav (small island) to resupply

Days 32-34: Nothing

Day 35: Nothing

Day 36: Eight monstrous crabs attack other escort ship

Day 37: Nothing

Days 38: Nothing

Day 39: Nothing

Day 40: Sharks sighted

Day 41-46: Nothing

Day 42-45: Fog

Day 47: Lacedons (aquatic ghouls)

Day 47: Moderate wind from the northeast and rain

Days 48-49: Nothing

Day 48-49: Rain


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