Dread Necromancer


ECL: 6 (Dread Necromancer-6)

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Ability Scores:

Str: 15

Dex: 16

Con: 15

Int: 11

Wis: 13

Cha: 17

Hit Points: 34

Armor Class: 18


Scythe: +5 (2d4+3) x4 [P/S]

Crossbow, Light: +6 (1d8) 19-20×2 [Range 80 ft. P]

Saving Throws:

Fortitude: +4

Reflex: +5

Will: +6

Magical Equipment: Bracers of Protection +1


Tomb-Tainted Soul

Corpse Crafter

Nimble Bones

Undead Leadership


As a young boy, Caedis had a great affinity for magic. An old sorcerer realized Caedis’ potential and began teaching him the rudimentary skills he knew. For three years, Caedis had a happy and productive life. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Somnucide, a ravaging disease which prevents its infected from sleeping, tore through Caedis’ village. Within a week, everyone was diseased save Caedis. To help his village, Caedis quickly traveled to a city that was a three day journey to find a cleric for aid. Four days later, Caedis returned with a cleric to find all of the villagers dead. This experience is at the core of Caedis’ character. From the moment he saw the distraught, weak, and withered bodies, he vowed that he would not allow himself to die. He would not allow himself to feel the pain of age or fatigue. In his search for immortality, Caedis became obsessed with death, and soon after undeath. He saw beauty and perfection in creatures who did not need to breath, eat, and especially sleep. Using his inborn magical abilities he tries to control death and undeath, and to eventually become undead himself, thus achieving his goal of immortality.

Over the years Caedis evolved into the man he is today. Cold, calculating, and full of contempt for all mortals. He knows he will outlive them all, and sees most people as what they are to immortal beings, stepping-stones. Caedis is not quick to anger, but he is not one to suffer fools, or anything that gets in the way of his goal. He is currently traveling with two mortals so that he can reach his goal sooner, for Caedis truly understands that there is strength in numbers.

To clarify, Caedis is not evil because he enjoys the agony and pain of others, he merely sees that those around him are not worth his time or pity. The qualities that make Caedis evil are neither cruelty nor greed, but complete apathy and contempt. Caedis does what he wants without regard for anyone else. He only has himself in mind at all times.


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